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Dear guest,   welcome to    OGDOAD"

みなさん、OGDOAD へようこそ。

サイト名「 OGDOAD 」(オグドアド) は古代ギリシャ語で「 8 」を意味する言葉です。




古代の天文学で、惑星7 つの球体の上にある「 」 番目の球体・・・とも言われています。


天と地を180度ねじって繋げるアラビア数字の姿に、「 ∞  」ことメビウスの帯の性質も

合わせ持って、過去が未来に移行する・・・「 8 」は、魅力的なシンボルでした。




"オクターブ"も意味していて、2 倍の周波数。( 弦を 1/2 にカットして弾いた時、響く音は

もとの弦の周波数の 2 倍。1 "オクターブ"上の音ですものね。)

一つのサイクルが終結して、新しい"オクターブ"の始まり。また「 」となる「 」。






みんなで。一緒に。無限に広がりたい!   可能性を肯定して!


















Much Love,  岡野玲子



Dear guest, welcome to OGDOAD


OGDOAD”, the name of this website”, means “eight( 8 )” in ancient Greek. 

The name ODGOAD might evoke a thought in you on 8 primordial deities 

worshipped in Hermopolis in Anceient Kingdom of Egypt; the 4 yin and yang pairs of gods; "Primordial water", "Sky (invisible)" "darkness", and "infinite" . 


In ancient astronomy, it was considered that above the seven planetary spheres was an "eighth". 


Eight ( 8 ) has been a fascinating symbol as the form symbolizes sky and land twisted for 180 degree in Arabic numeral, Mobius strip ( ∞  )and a ransition from the past into the future. 


The ( ∞ ) symbol above the head of the magician, which transcends the boundaries of time and space, is also a sign of cosmic power.

In music, it is a symbol for an "octave" which is the interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency ( Cut a string chord into half and play with it, the sound  will be twice the frequency, one "octave" above than the sound of the original string chord).

It symbolises the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new "octave". The " 8 " becomes " 1 " again.
As a symbol of constant rebirth, the phases of the moon also coincide.

Whatever the meanings, we just want to cast a magic spell! 

What kind of magic? 


All of us. Together. 

I just want to acknowledge and believe in the potential of magic and grow and expand together!


With such a wish, this website was given such a name when it was first established. 

It has been 19 years ever since the website was set up on 9th of September in 2000

Just like the moon and sun takes 19 years to return to the same spot in the sky at same phase, the website, OGDOAD, is also renewed and reborn.


Just like as if you are in a pleasant forest, under a big tree, being carefree. 

It’s a relaxing place where one’s heart and body can be rested.

Water is flowing beneath the roots of the big tree. 

Just like birds which come together to rest their wings. 

Very generous magic which is also very soothing that’s for and with the earth. 


And all of us gathered in here are magicians. 

Each one of us cast a spell together in this calm moment so that our dreams can come true. 


I will be very happy if we could share and enjoy our magical moments through this website.


And finally, I wish you a beginning of a beautiful day. 


22nd of January, 2019


Much love, 

Reiko Okano


"OGDOAD" の画像たちに

そっと寄り添う 背景の森・・

その" 神苑 "のお話し・・は " into the Forest " へ・・

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